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One Simple Question to Assess Your Decisions and Achieve Long-Term Success as an Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly faced with a variety of big and small decisions that can impact our businesses success. It can be tempting to put off making these decisions or to try and weigh the pros and cons of every choice, but this can be time-consuming and may not necessarily lead to the best outcome. So how do we navigate these decisions and make choices that lead to long-term success?

One powerful tool that can help guide us is a simple question that was used by the British rowing team that won the gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney: "Will this make the boat go faster?" This team, which had not won in the Olympics for 88 years, knew that they needed to do something different to achieve their goal. By consistently asking themselves this question before making any decisions, they were able to focus on what mattered most and make the "jump" to the next level.

This one question kept the team focused and united and helped them achieve their ultimate goal of winning the gold medal. As entrepreneurs, we can use this same question to assess our own decisions and choices and strive for success in our businesses. By asking ourselves "Will this make the boat go faster?", we can stay focused on our goals and make choices that will help us move forward and achieve long-term success.

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